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Our Mission
To deliver a secure solution that manages essential personal records through sophisticated, privacy-first, opt-in features that give you control of your data—when, where and how you need it most.

It’s your life, your data—own it!
myTALLdata + myTALLvault
mobile security

myTALLdata + myTALLvault

Fast, secure access to your essential digital records.

Imagine... having access to everything you need in a single secure repository—myTALLvault—no matter where you are, with or without a network connection.

Quick easy access to your Emergency Contacts, Prescriptions, X-Rays, Vaccination Records, Travel Expenses, and more. Allow private, secure pre-authorized access to selected data for family members, employers, health team, or others—at your discretion.
Your data at your fingertips—when, where, and how you need it most.

It's your life, your data—own it!
Imagine yourself in one of these situations
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You're travelling overseas to a business meeting and arriving at customs you are...
Required to present proof of vaccination for COVID-19, or an authorized medical exemption. In the course of preparing for the trip you ...

Dreaming of a Caribbean cruise
While travelling to Florida to board a ship for the Caribbean cruise you've always dreamed of...
You make it through customs at the airport, and all is well. Arriving at the dock to board the ship, you realize that baggage is missing...

Homlessness and Refugees
Everything is fine until it's not.
While we like to think tomorrow will be similar to today, we live in a world where everything is fine—until it's not.
Mental Health
Mental illness knows no boundaries
Mental health disorders often lead to job loss, homelessness, isolation, addictions, involvement with drugs and crime, abuse—or worse.
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