Business Travel 2

Mar 08, 23
Business Travel 2


You're travelling overseas for a business meeting. Arriving at customs, you are required to present proof of vaccination for COVID-19, or an authorized medical exemption. In the course of preparing for the trip, you somehow overlooked getting a copy of your vaccination certificate, or you simply misplaced it when packing and it's in your baggage that is being loaded onto the plane. Now, you're at customs and they won't let you through without that proof. What do you do?


You can make a call to your doctor and ask their office to send you proof via email, but that will take some time and they may not accommodate your request for privacy reasons—meanwhile your flight is not going to wait.

If only you had uploaded your documents to myTALLtravel™ on your mobile device—before departing for your trip.


Back at my apartment after I accidentally packed my proof of vaccination in a suitcase that ended up on the wrong flight. I'm now an avid myTALLtravel™ fan. Next trip, I'm ready with all my critical documents in the app—good to go in a moment's notice!

Donald Waltraud, VP New Business Development at a tech startup

Wouldn't you rather the following was you in these photos? Already at your destination with colleagues and customers.

You could have had your proof of vaccination available at the touch of a button in myTALLtravel— instead of worrying about lost or misplaced paper records.

Our app ensures that you have secure, authenticated electronic access, using your personal device. In the event that you lose your device, you can recover and restore your records to a new one—when, where, and how you need to.