Homelessness and Refugees 2

Mar 08, 23
Homelessness and Refugees 2


Lives are turned upside-down, in an instant. What if you are forced from your home, community, or country by catastrophic events like natural disasters and wars? All you have time for is to gather your loved ones, pets, purse or wallet, phone, and backpack—or only the clothes on your back.

Homelessness is not a choice

Your worst nightmare has become real: you are forced to evacuate immediately, leaving house and home with only a moment's notice.

It's terrifying!

You have no time to put things in order, nor pack for your escape. You just have to go—and you must go now! In the event of a natural disaster like wildfire, flood, tornado, or hurricane, you may need to be prepared for that sudden evacuation. In the horrific circumstance of violent conflict or war, it may be even more important to have secure, reliable access to your essential records if you are forced to flee your home and country.


Fortunately, you've collected and stored all your essential personal records in your myTALLvault™. Wherever you go, you will have access to digital copies of your medical records, insurance, emergency contacts, ownership and registration documents, and more. Access them on your device whether you have a network connection or not, wherever you are.

In most situations above, you could have had health records and other available at the touch of a button in myTALLdata™ app—instead of worrying about lost or misplaced documents.

Our app ensures that you have secure electronic access using your personal device. In the event that you lose your device, you can recover and restore your records to a new one—when, where, and how you need to.