Leisure Travel

Mar 08, 23
Leisure Travel


You're travelling to Florida to board a ship for the Caribbean cruise you've always dreamed of. You get through customs at the airport, and all is well. Arriving at the dock to board the ship, you realize that some of your baggage is missing. You have your critical ID, wallet and smartphone in your carry-on, but you absentmindedly packed your proof of vaccination in another bag—and that bag is with your checked luggage.


You can make a call to your doctor and ask their office to send you proof via email, but that will take some time and they may not accommodate your request for privacy reasons—meanwhile your cruise is not going to wait.



Wouldn't you rather this was you in these photos? Already at your destination and enjoying your trip!

In this situation, you could have had your proof of vaccination available at the touch of a button in the myTALLtravel appinstead of worrying about lost or misplaced paper records while on your trip.

Our app ensures that you have secure, authenticated electronic access, using your personal device. In the event that you lose your device, you can recover and restore your records to a new one—when, where, and how you need to.