OHS and HSE 2

Mar 08, 23
OHS and HSE 2


Job sites can be very busy, with many people coming and going: employees, contractors, management, suppliers, inspectors, visitors. It presents a challenge to track who is where, and when, so that all are safely accounted for, and people don't get lost. Are some suppliers in an area where they should not be?

Are some workers in a high risk area that requires heightened safety protocols? Is there a better way to ensure visitors to a site check in appropriately—whether they are there for work, or another reason? How can site management be more confident that people are working at the correct location, suppliers are not getting lost during deliveries, and contractors are not putting themselves at unintended risk of job delay, or even injury?


myTALLdata™ provides a check-in feature that notifies site managers when workers arrive on-site, when they report to supervisors, and where they go on the job site. It can also enable improved navigation within a large job site.

This also provides accountability, safety, and an important audit functionality to support claims made regarding accidents and potential HSE/OHS violations. The apps facilitate rapid accurate reporting of events and incidents—potentially also reducing delays for workers receiving benefits. Everyone wins!

These apps helps me gain valuable insights... into how our contractors spend their time on the work site. It also also improves our communications, supplier and visitor travel paths, overall situational awareness at busy locations, and reduces costs from lost time.

As a Site Supervisor, this is really important to me. I can do my job better when I know everyone is looked after.

Janice M. Okamura - Site Supervisor at an international architectural firm