Seniors and Long Term Care 2

Mar 08, 23
Seniors and Long Term Care 2


How can you be sure that your aging loved ones are taking their required prescription medications? Even more challenging if you do not live nearby. Taking multiple medications can pose challenges for many and for some, it is critical to take vital medications at the correct time and frequency. You could make a list of your loved one's medications, including timing and dosage, and then phone them at the appropriate times to check-in—but you have your own busy life to live.


If there was a way the seniors in your life could share their medication data with you, and maybe your siblings or other authorized care givers, you could take comfort in receiving automatic notifications of the reminders set for your loved ones. Future integration with pharmacy records will allow for private and secure prescription monitoring and updates directly via the myTALLdata™ app.

Oftentimes when seniors are alone, a gentle reminder is all they need to avoid potentially life-threatening situations resulting from medication-related emergencies.

myTALLdata™ is your safe, secure, means of communication—even if your loved one loses their mobile phone. Opt-in to enable location tracking via myTALLdata™ to find out where they are, where they’ve been, or simply to check-in with them to ensure they're okay.

If necessary (with approval), you can make their information available to relevant authorities for emergency response. Critical personal records, including prescribed medications, are securely and privately stored in myTALLvault™ a cloud-synced app, and can be accessed by first responders and authorized family members as needed. The data can be accessed via web browser in the event their device is lost or stolen—their last known location and current data are still available.

myTALLdata™ helps reduce stress for family members and caregivers, and provides community and emergency support more effectively. Seniors can securely access the app on mobile, tablet, or computer, wherever they have access to a device and the internet (e.g. long-term care, seniors home, public library, community centre, church).

myTALLdata™ keeps track of my prescription medication and lets my family know if I forget to take them... this app gives everyone more peace of mind, including me.

Barry - senior male in a retirement home

Long-term care is a variety of services which help meet both the medical and non-medical needs of people with a chronic illness or disability who cannot care for themselves for long periods.