myTALLapp Welcome

myTALLtravel Welcome

Welcome to the preview release of myTALLtravel—“it’s your life, your data, own it.

You have been selected to participate in an early field trial of this exciting secure and privacy-centric application. The vision—that it’s time for all of us to take control of our data—is manifested in myTALLtravel so that you carry it with you; when, where and however you need it, without the requirement of having to be connected at all times.

While you have installed the mobile application on your device, there is a companion web portal that provides an additional means of data input and management. In addition, these two independent systems are coupled when connectivity exists and automatically synchronize encrypted data—stored in the myTALLvault on your device—in a secure real-time data exchange between them as needed.  Should your device be lost or stolen your myTALLdata is fully recoverable to a new device, once you reinstall and authenticate myTALLtravel, all seamlessly.

This is a live set of applications and services that empower you to collect, store, and manage all your data; whatever you determine to be essential and vital to your daily well-being. You can be assured that your data is securely encrypted in your invisible myTALLvault on your device and our servers, and that data is only accessible by you, through the same type of multi-level authentication systems that banks use.

In this preview release, we have provided a number of default categories (tiles), as standard, but you are free to create your own, along with your accompanying documents in various formats, to build your own database of vital information, fully encrypted and secure. Your data is your business, so the system is designed, built, encrypted, and backed up in such a way that only you can see it and edit it. We at TALL Systems cannot access or see your data, copy it, or even decrypt it, nor is it accessible to be collected and sold to others.

In exchange for having the opportunity to trial this application under confidentiality agreements, we invite your feedback as to your experience, how we might make it better, and how you see it becoming a vital tool in your daily life. Your feedback is essential, and may contribute, to many of the features in the works for this system.

Thank you,

Lloyd R. Osler P.Eng (Life)

CEO TALL Systems Corp.